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Soni is out of danger and everybody is happy. The doctor comes out and took off the bandage from her face. Soni asked about Mummyji and Daddyji everybody began to cry. Nobody replied…Then after a while Mahi said Soni “I am with you right?
The doctor said that Soni needs rest because she is physically alright but mentally she still isn’t fully alright. So they should leave her alone for now.
Everybody went outside whiles Mahi consoled Soni… Mahi also went outside and said that she will take Soni with her…but Veer said no he insisted to take Soni home with him.
” Mahi later on thought for a while and said that if mummyji and daddyji still were alive they would’ve said the same…Mahi finally agreed for Veer to take Soni with him.
The doctor informs them that Soni is sleeping for now as he had given her an injection. You can take her home tomorrow. Shabd informs Mahi so that they leave for the house. Jeet also informs Veer . Veer agreed and they both went home.
At Khurana mansion Veer informs Jyoti that Soni will come with him tomorrow from the hospital as she will stay with them henceforth. Jyoti get’s scared and said. What if the malhotra’s had something to do with terrorists? And what if they attack us here in our home. Veer said what are you saying? Where will Soni go in such a condition? I am the elderst son in law of their family now, and I have their responsibility on me! 
Later on there was a very weird scene where a man was sitting and three goons look-a-like people came and said “You couldn’t see the boss’s face he began to laugh out loudly and killed the three goons. Everybody head towards the hospital the next day.
Shabd informs Mahi so that they go to the hospital together. Mahi says NO….how will I answer all the questions of Soni? Then Shabd said even if she does that you have to go, you are the only one who could make her happy when she sees you. Mahi finally agreed.
Durga calls at home ,Jyoti picks up. Jyoti informs her that everything was alright infact everyboy is missing you. Especially Veer.
The nurse see’s Soni sitting down in a sad state. She asked her as to why she was feeling so sad, You should be happy that u are going to your home. Soni replied which home? I don’t have anyone in this world. Where will I go? Veer and Jeet comes and Veer says who told you such a lie, You are going home with us. Veer tells her that Rajji home will now be her home as well. Mahi and Shabd comes also. Shabd informs Soni that she will going home with them. Soni goes home with Veer and Jeet. Soni was going to take her bag but Jeet tells Soni i’ll take it . The doctor notified everyone that they would really have to take care of Soni. Everyone arrives at Veer’s house,Jyoti was there,she asked about Soni’s welfare? She later on says that she was welcome in their house. Jyoti says i’ll bring tea for all of u. Simran was in her room,Soni looks at her and goes to see her, Mahi goes with her too. Soni look at Rajji’s pic and remember Rajji. Soni tells Mahi that she and Rajji di always sit here and talks a lot. Soni says that Rajji di always talk about her in laws and I also talk about our home, she was so selfish with me and today she left me all alone, she says
Soni says to Mahi ..promise me you will never leave alone and go .Soni asked Mahi to become her daddyji,mummyji and Rajji di..Mahi tells Soni not to cry, the doctor says that don’t take stress upon yourself. Mahi assures her that she will always be with her, I will become your supporter. They both cry a lot. Shabd comes and tell Mahi that it was getting late so they should go home. Mahi tells Soni that she would be coming to see her everyday. She also tells her not to cry and they both leave. Soni was sleeping and remember again when the men killed her parents and she screams. Veer and Jeet rush to her aid. Veer says Soni what happend? Soni replies that she has seen two men and…….Veer asked what else? Veer goes and bring water from the kitchen. Veer was about to drink the water but Durga come and says Veer my son. Veer hugs Durga. Durga tells him she really wanted to meet all of them. She asked if everything was alright? Durga tells him that he was hiding something from her. Veer replied that they will talk tomorrow morning. Durga refuses. You need to tell me now is everything alright? Veer hugs Durga and start crying. Durga ask why are u crying tell me what happend? Veer tries to tell Durga everything, they both cried. Durga tells him not to worry, as she was always going to be with her. Jyoti also comes and hug Durga and start crying. Jyoti brings water for Durga. Durga tells her she doesn’t need it. Durga asked her as to why she didn’t call to inform her .Jeet replied that they tried a lot but was not able to call her. Durga says you guys must be tired go and take your rest. Veer tells Jyoti before going to sleep to go and check the guestroom. Durga asked why? Veer replied that Soni would be staying here for now. Durga shouts Soni? Veer says after all that has happend she is now their responsability that’s why she is sleeping in the guestroom. Veer tells Jyoti to leave. Durga in a feast of anger says to herself I will never let Soni stay in this house. Or else my name isn’t Durga, Durga Khurana.

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