Why Nigeria youths do not buy Nigerian made movies

Why Nigeria youths do not buy Nigerian made movies

For many decades Nigerian movie productions have been plagued with massive hits of piracy, to a point, the country system of production does not believe in the quality movies can ever be made. Certainly there must be a reason to this whole problem as it steams down to the early 90s when cinema was a young culture to every average Nigerian, which all seemed perfect for a little while until a deluge of piracy started soaring through the roof in the early 90s when the in hall mini cinemas started closing up business, which now brings me to the reason of the course of the flop of the Nigerian movie industry.


1)Massive Uncontrolled Piracy: As I stated above piracy that killed the movie business before it had the chance to become a better brand, with many director trying so hard to put their craft into reality, which proved fatal, as many of their of works was pirated and shared around to the public for little to flimsy prices like 100 Naira Per DVD shared and with that move put most good directors out of business, and giving room to unprofessional movie production that cost as little as # 100,000 per movie which translates into a poor production cost of $ 300 per movie.


2)Poor Production valve: Most Nigerian movies are poorly made, to a point where you think most productions were made by a child. Most of this blame can not be put on director alone as most movies were needed to be cheaply produced as to avoid any financial deficit at the end of the movies sale. With that said most Nigerian youth watch American movies everyday and always expects the world when there watch any Nigerian film and mostly try to compare the two quality most times and not realizing Hollywood is a very powerful and organized brand that spends a minimum of $ 10 million on their cheap movies and a high production of over $ 100 million and even as large as $ 300 million for most blockbusters.


3)Unprotected DVD encoding and no Blu-ray releases: This is where our cheap value production comes to play the most, as Nigeria movie produced till date have no proper DVD and Blu-ray mastering company, and most directors rely on going to Lagos to master their movies in cheap imported DVD Disks and without any copyright protection. Most directors go even as far as putting their movie on sale through these Lagos manufacturers, as there already know, that there will not be able to recoup their investments if they go out on their own to market their own production.


4)Untrained Actors: What most people do not realize is that actors make or break a movie’s production valve, while 99% of all actors in Nigeria have been trained to star in comedy and drama movies, what that creates is an uneventful acting all trying to do the same comedy shtick on screen which makes most Nigerian production look (cheese e).

Finally, I could go on and on about the shortcomings in the Nigerian movie production, but I will leave observations to the list above as I believe Nigerian movie product still has a long way to go to be considered a true challenger to the Hollywood production valve that most Nigeria Youths consume.

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