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Monday 11 December 2017
Episode Update  Zee Tv

Urmi tells Shaurya that soon she might get him a brother or a sister. Meanwhile, Amrit is actually having a great time with the money Aditi has been given him. Samrat exclaims with pride that his son has called him and says that his son will very soon come to him., Samrat asks urmi to let go of shaurya as he would come with him. Urmi is surprised and shocked that Shaurya left her to be with his father. Samrat surprises his family when he brings Shaurya home and everybody seem happy to meet him after a long while and treat him very specially. Mandira too gifts him a soft toy that Shaurya had always wanted. Samrat tries to use this time to brainwash him against his mother. Later, Urmi finds out from the school that Shaurya had been absent continuously in the school.

Tuesday 12 December 2017
Episode Update Hindi Serial Zee Tv

Urmi speaks to her mother about Shaurya leaving her and her mother assures her that a day will come when Shaurya will come back to her and when she will not have to depend on anybody else. Urmi later decides to continue with her business and takes an order for a cake. Meanwhile, Shaurya is at Samrat’s home and does not even go to school. He later irritates his father by continuously calling him and asking him to take him out as he is bored at home. Divakar finds out from Samrat that he does not love Shaurya at all and his intentions behind bringing him home was to get Urmi home. Later, samrat emotionally blackmails shaurya to call urmi and tell her how much he needs her, expresses his desire to meet her and Urmi immediately says that she will come to meet him. Samrat hears this he gloats and smirks evilly, having gotten what he wanted. as he feels that Urmi will come back to his house.

Wednesday 13 December 2017
Episode Update Hindi Serial Zee Tv

Urmi is excited to meet Shaurya at Samrat’s house and also packs his clothes. Next morning Shaurya is excited as his mother will be returning and he asks Sashi to prepare ‘Moong Dal ka Halwa’ for his mother. Samrat too seems enthusiastic to welcome Urmi but his intentions are not right. Later, Samrat’s announces to the entire family that urmi would come back any minute and everyone  is more than happy to see Urmi at home after a long while and everybody is sure that Urmi is here to stay. Urmi arrives home seeing Shaurya feels extremely happy. Samrat even asks his servant to take her luggage to the room. Later when Shaurya says that he will now be staying with his mother, Urmi reveals that she is not here to stay with Samrat. Samrat gets shocked hearing this. Urmi informs Samrat that she is here only to meet Shaurya and says that the luggage that she had brought was that of Shaurya’. Meanwhile, Sushmaji wants to celebrate Diwali after many years as Urmi has give them hope in life. As urmi begins to go, samrat wrenches her hand and threatens her that she can’t go by leaving him and this house. she eyes him determinedly, and with controlled rage asks him to let go of her hand. He insistently reprimands her that she can’t leave him, and that she actually came here to insult and put him down in front of everyone. Urmi says that no power can ever get her back to him now. Samrat is shocked.

Thursday 14 December 2017
Episode Update 

Shaurya suddenly falls unconscious and seeing this Samrat gets shocked. He scolds his entire family for not taking proper care of Shaurya and later warns them to not let this news reach Urmi. Meanwhile, Urmi senses something wrong and wants to know if all is well with Shaurya. The doctor comes to see Shaurya and informs Samrat that Shaurya is suffering through a mental problem and might be missing someone. Later, Aditi calls Urmi and informs her about Shaurya’s condition. Urmi comes rushing to Samrat’s house and seeing her inside the house Samrat and his mother are astonished. Samrat drags her outside the house and refuses to let the two of them meet each other. Urmi cries her heart out and requests Samrat to allow her to meet Shaurya but he does not let her meet him and warns his family against showing any kindness towards her. urmi collapses on the floor, crying, distraught and apalled. later Sushmaji and Urmi finally go to the police to file a case against Samrat but the police refuses to help them, he asks them to arrange a lawyer to make a solid case against Samrat.

Friday 15 December 2017
Episode Update Hindi Serial Zee Tv

Urmi and Tiwariji try their best to convince the lawyers to take up her case but all the lawyers refuse to take any cases as they all are busy with Diwali celebrations. Later, Aditi calls Urmi and assures her that the entire family will be taking good care of Shaurya. Diwali day,Mandira and Shaurya decide to escape Samrat’s house and go to Urmi’s house but just then Mandira is asked to attend a call. Shaurya meanwhile is left alone and he leaves the house by himself. He tries to reach his mother’s house but seems to be lost. Meanwhile, Sushmaji and Tiwariji are celebrating Diwali and seeing Urmi’s sad condition Sushmaji feels bad. Samrat on the other hand is busy gambling along with his friends and family. Shaurya seems to be completely lost and he cries out to his mother as he is scared of the sound of the firecrackers. Meanwhile, Urmi reaches Samrat’s house and gets a shock when Mandira informs her that Shaurya has left the house to get to her. where is shaurya , and how he would be doing all alone?

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This week Teasers on Lies of the heart Hindi serial Zee Tv

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