Thursday Update on Lies of the heart

THURSDAY UPDATE ON LIES THE HEART EPISODE 376 – 378 Urmi tells anirudh that they can inform the police, and then they can trace his phone, and get his whereabouts. They like the idea. ishaan asks on what ground would they file the complaint, and how would they deal with the interrogation that follows. tani […]

Thursday Update on Modern Homemaker

THURSDAY UPDATE ON MODERN HOMEMAKER Episode 163 – 166 Kanhaiya is walking towards the room while talking on the phone and Sona hears Kanhaiya’s voice and looks around to hide. Sona decides to hide inside the cupboard while Suhnaina comes to the room and looks around. Kanhaiya walks towards the cupboard and Suhnaina gets scared […]

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv MY LOST HOME UPDATE: SATURDAY UPDATE First Episode Summary The story concerns the Malhorta family’s three daughters— Raji, Soni and Mahi and their younger brother, Prince. Initially, the show focuses on the eldest daughter, Raji, who marries Veer, a police officer, and tries hard to adjust […]
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