Monday Update on My Lost Home

Monday Update on My Lost Home EPISODE 12TH MARCH 2018 Outside the Sarren mansion, the strange woman kept on telling Mahi to take her inside the house as she wants to leave with her. Mahi tells her that she can’t and says that she was not her daughter. In other words she asked her to […]

Monday Update on Lies of the heart episode

MONDAY UPDATE ON LIES OF THE HEART EPISODE 369 – 371   At Ishaan’s office, the lab technician waits for Samrat on the road, and he comes to him. He asks why the rush and need. The technician says that he doesn’t trust him. Samrat taunts him and then gives him the money and shoves […]

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv MY LOST HOME UPDATE: SATURDAY UPDATE First Episode Summary The story concerns the Malhorta family’s three daughters— Raji, Soni and Mahi and their younger brother, Prince. Initially, the show focuses on the eldest daughter, Raji, who marries Veer, a police officer, and tries hard to adjust […]
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