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EPISODE 164-166

Shyam stitches the wound, and it stops bleeding. But Raghu is still unconscious. Aanya also arrives there and pleads Shyam to save Raghu. Dadi accuses Aanya to be the root cause of all problems for Raghu. She accuses Aanya of being unlucky for Raghu and tells her to stay away from him. However, Janki intervenes and stops Dadi. Aanya goes to the temple and confronts God. She prays for Raghu’s health, and just then, Raghu gains consciousness. When Aanya comes to know of this, she immediately runs to meet Raghu, but gets depressed when she hears Dadi telling Janki that Aanya is unlucky for Raghu. She gets so depressed that she starts to believe Dadi, and decides to get out of Raghu’s life. On the day of her ‘Mehendi’ a pre-wedding ceremony, she shocks everyone by donning a western outfit. She tells Dadi and Janki that she likes wearing such types of dresses and asks everyone also to wear the same. Debbie is shocked and so is Janki. However, Dadi is not shocked, but angry

Aanya feels Dadi will never wear a western outfit and therefore she tells Dadi that if she has any objection, then she can leave the ceremony. Aanya is confident that Dadi will get enraged and will immediately call off her engagement. However, everyone is surprised when Dadi wears the outfit. Aanya curses herself as her plan has failed miserably. Dadi tells Aanya that it is not easy to challenge her. After Dadi, everyone else also change their dress. Dadi tells Janki that she does not want to hurt Raghu’s sentiments and will do everything for him. But at the same time, she tells Janki that she will settle scores once Aanya gets married. Later, Aanya comes up with another idea which she thinks will be foolproof. She decides to consume alcohol and earn Dadi’s hatred. She steals few bottles of liquor from Rangeela’s stall and decides to act fast.

Chhotu sneaks into Aanya’s room and is shocked when he learns that Aanya is drunk. Aanya requests Chhotu not to tell anything about this to Raghu, but a furious Chhotu tells her that he will, and runs away. Anaya feels good that at last her plan will work. Later, Aanya goes to meet Dadi and starts drinking in front of her. Dadi gets furious, but Aanya, who is not in her senses, does not care and keep on drinking. Raghu also arrives and is shocked to see Aanya drinking. Soon the word spreads like wildfire, and the whole village gathers outside Raghu’s house. Janki feels very embarrassed and asks Bhima to escort Aanya to the mansion. Debbie is taken aback to see Aanya in a drunken state. Meanwhile, Isha and Kishan get elated as they are sure that Raghu will call off his wedding. On the other hand, Dadi threatens to commit suicide if Raghu does not break his alliance with Aanya. However, everyone is taken aback when Rangeela tells them that Aanya was not drunk, she was just pretending. READ NEXT LIES OF THE HEART MONDAY UPDATE

Love happens Zee World Tv


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