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Sunday Update on Lies of the heart

SUNDAY UPDATE ON LIES OF THE HEART EPISODE 456-459   Shaurya lashes out terribly at ishaani, saying that she doesnt care about the environment in the house, and isnt she mature enough to understand that he wouldnt want to celebrate the birthday. Anirudh asks him why is he overreacting, as its just a small celebration. […]

Zee World : Saturday Update on Lies of the heart

 SATURDAY UPDATE ON LIES OF THE HEART Shaurya stops him saying that she went to the police station not to go to the party. He asks him why is he angry, instead of asking if there was any progress, and asks if this is his love and care. Karan immediately softens and apologises, and then […]

Monday Update on My Lost Home

Monday Update on My Lost Home EPISODE 12TH MARCH 2018 Outside the Sarren mansion, the strange woman kept on telling Mahi to take her inside the house as she wants to leave with her. Mahi tells her that she can’t and says that she was not her daughter. In other words she asked her to […]

Sunday Update on Krishi

SUNDAY UPDATE ON KRISHI EPISODE 11TH MARCH 2018 The servant brings another bouquet of flowers and gives it to TTS. Krishna is wondering what it is. TTS reads the card which says – My loving Krishna…it is yet another love letter. Krishna is shocked! Babloo and Ganga are also shocked. TTS continues – Sending you […]

Saturday update on Krishi

SATURDAY EPISODE  UPDATE ON KRISHI   The episode starts off with everyone watching what was happening backstage on the big screen, the guy who pretended to get injured gets up laughing and said “I don’t want to go to any hospitals” then Pinto says “But you are injured and soo much blood is coming out” […]

Saturday Update on My Lost Home

SATURDAY UPDATE EPISODE OF “MY LOST HOME” After the strange confrontation Mahi had with the strange woman. The entire Sareen family sit in the car and they all leave to go home. Shabd saw that Mahi was quiet all along and she asked her what the matter was. He also asked if she talked with […]

Thursday Update on Lies of the heart

THURSDAY UPDATE ON LIES THE HEART EPISODE 376 – 378 Urmi tells anirudh that they can inform the police, and then they can trace his phone, and get his whereabouts. They like the idea. ishaan asks on what ground would they file the complaint, and how would they deal with the interrogation that follows. tani […]

Thursday Update on Modern Homemaker

THURSDAY UPDATE ON MODERN HOMEMAKER Episode 163 – 166 Kanhaiya is walking towards the room while talking on the phone and Sona hears Kanhaiya’s voice and looks around to hide. Sona decides to hide inside the cupboard while Suhnaina comes to the room and looks around. Kanhaiya walks towards the cupboard and Suhnaina gets scared […]

Monday Update on Lies of the heart episode

MONDAY UPDATE ON LIES OF THE HEART EPISODE 369 – 371   At Ishaan’s office, the lab technician waits for Samrat on the road, and he comes to him. He asks why the rush and need. The technician says that he doesn’t trust him. Samrat taunts him and then gives him the money and shoves […]
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