always gets away with crime…. can you tell me which of your series that no one lost their memory e.g bani in the promise, laali, roshni, ahbi, saloni, sugni kalpana and so on….. chai Indian series are really stupid, boring and more predictable and time wasting. Imagine pragya still fighting the same enemies since the beginning of the series and they never get caught or been punished, sometimes I question the morality of what you teach us in your films? And look the role you gave my charming ahbi always acting dumb and stupid most times and am glad purab left. And plz close down your station ZEE WORLD because you’ve nothing better to show than the same stupid sick story lines. At least American series are more realistic than you and so is telemundo.. stupid director, mad producer. All join together foolish people
How can you expect good response from such poorly written script with bad directors and producers???
Twist of fate season one is a mockery of the other well written soaps….

Please, Zee world, we deserve to be shown good soaps.
I hope it wont turnup borin like the rest o coz beliv me dstv offices wont like me when i baji into their office ,i dont hw they ll do bt i ll ask them to remove zw channel on my dish

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