10 Movies Destined to Smash Over $500million to $1billion, 2017

10 Movies Destined to Smash Over $500million to $1billion 2017


This year has already been amazing for some movie companies like “winks” Disney-Marvel franchise, universal hits and Warner Bros, with many to come and it does not hold a candle to the amazing box-office run most movies have had this year, with some movies bowling over the great half billion marks like the first of the outright hit we had this year started with Logan earning a massive $248million debut weekend on its way to a massive $608million in its amazing run at the box office worldwide and earned six times its budget of $97million which on its own is amazing. Another surprise hit came in the form of this monster Hit “KONG SKULL ISLAND” which most box office analysts believed was going to flop upon release, but surprised everyone not only with its debut weekend gross of $148million and a magnificent total of $565million which by the way is 3 times of its budget of $185million.Disney had the crown this year with its slew of hits with blockbusters in the form of Beauty and the Beast earning($1,24billion freaking dollars) which by the way is still their highest grossing film of this year and their new hit Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 which has earned over $800million in box office. Finally Universal is having a great year with their new Fate of the Furious which earned a massive $1,24billion dollars to its own credit, so that brings me to the next 10 big $500m hit of 2017

1)Wonder woman:O my this movie made me shade a tear when I saw the amazing reviews it got with an average rating of 9/10 on IMDB and 95% on rotten freaking tomatoes of all places, no offense but rotten tomatoes users have bashed all Warner Bros DCEU movies from Man of Steel(58% rating), Batman vs Superman(29% rating) so seeing wonder woman getting all this love is a great sage going on between DC and Marvel fanboys,so without a doubt wonder woman will Smash the proverbial $500m mark and as high as $800million when it is all said and done and with its budget of $150million I think Warner Bros will be just fine with that box office results.

2)The Baby Boss: if you have not been following Dream works monster hit this year then you’re missing a lot, as this film has slowly grossed close to $500m with its current box office value at $480m and will surely earn over $500m when its all said and done.

3)Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales: Disney new finale for their 15 year long running franchise just debuted this past weekend a massive 5days run at top of the box office $325million and but certainly a sure fact that Disney has another money spinner on its hands that will surely earn over $500m when its all said and done, oh this film just pushed Disney over $3billion in a single for 5 years in a role Wow Disney is on a role.

4)Cars 3: Disney next outing at the box office is this June with its next hit in the form of Cars 3 and if you remember in 2011 Cars 2 made a glorious $550million back then and shows how loyal most fans are committed to this franchise. So come June 16 this film will look to challenge Wonder Woman and The Mummy at the box office.

5)Transformers The Last Knight: One of my favorite releases this year is not only going to earn over $500m,but pretty sure this monster hit will creep its way to $1billion,and you why, because it is freaking Transformers people, and as people pander to movie like FAST AND THE FURIOUS this will be no different either, as the previous two parts made over $1billion each, so it is all but a grantee this will be no different.

6)Spiderman Homecoming: As I said previously Disney is on a role at the top of box office holy grail and this is no different as Spider-man has everything you need to make over $1billion a cough and cough again(IRON MAN).No Iron man movies made less than $600m at the box office for the past 10years, so it’s no brainier that this will underperform and is will likely earn over $800m when it is all said and done.

7)Despicable Me 3:Illumination, Illumination, oh sweet Illumination has been on a role for the past 7years with hits after hits as their last years movie secret life pets was the most profitable movie of year beating movies like Captain America civil, rogue one and Dead pool, so it’s a definite conclusion that this movie will make a serious run at $1billon when its all said and done.

8)Justice League: As I speak highly of Wonder Woman above this Superhero Team up Smash Extravaganza will mostly likely Smash its way to $1billion to slap Disney Marvel movies this year in the face,And if reviews are great with this one as it is with great Wonder Woman, then the sky is the limit for the franchise.

9)Thor Ragnarok: Disney destined ending of the is their massive franchise hit of all time in the form of Thor Ragnarok which by all record placed in front of us grantees a definite $500m and over as the previous installment Thor The Dark world 2013 made over $650m so it is all but a grantee this will follow in its predecessor footsteps and end the year on a high note.

10)Star War The Last Jedi: Finally last on the list for today The Star War new saga is not only going to smash mere $500m but will easily crash a $1billion on its way to a new milestone on the all-time chart, similar to The Force Awakens this is already a hit by its name.

Finally their many more hits that has a chance to break out that was not the list, which has a mega potential to eclipse the Holy Grail that $500m (Coco, Daddy’s Home 2,Blade Runner 2049,The Lego Ninja,kings man the golden circle,Annabelle creation,Valerian and the city of a thousand planets and Dunkirk).


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